Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Pursuit of Still Creek's Origins

Another Sunday on the road -after our morning Starbucks of course- and after a little internet research as to just where the creek actually cut through Vancouver and Burnaby. We tried to find other sections of the creek that the spawning Chum Salmon might make their final journey. I'm in awe of the 'wilderness' that exists right in the middle of a bustling metropolis. 

[[[A recent heavy rainfall + (careless?) construction practices in Burnaby, resulted in a number of salmon basically suffocating to death by the silt and sand that ran into the creek off the construction site.

. Humans . are . stupid .

Hopefully a hearty pod of tenacious fish had already made it past the death site and are on the last legs of their journey. Pictures below are from a couple of locations that the creek runs through the city. 

Go little salmon! GO!!!

Remnants of All Hallow's Eve. A giant Sasquatch going back to the rental place for another year.

First glimpse of the creek in the ravine.

Post rain storm rapids-like current.

Crystal clear water, yet warnings were posted that it was not safe for swimming or wading.

The remaining stump is MASSIVE next to its neighbouring tree.

Our first stop in our search through the urban woods.

Our second stop that was one block over from a major city intersection.

Strip malls and four lanes of road just on the other side of that fence.
An idyllic entrance to a magical place.

Next post: More of The Central Valley and the water that runs through it.

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