Friday, September 25, 2009

Seattle's Woodland Zoo

I have mixed feelings about zoos. I want so badly to get a glimpse of animals I would never get a chance to see in the wild that I'm glad I have access to a few local facilities. However, as I gaze through three inch thick glass or crane my neck to try and seen anything through snow fences, I'm struck with a sadness looking at something that should be roaming free sitting lethargically in a man-made environment that is probably about 1/10 the size of their natural environment. But oh, how fascinating and beautiful these wonderful animals are! Just last month I got down to Seattle's Woodland Zoo in Washington State.
[note to self: NEVER go to the zoo on a weekend!]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foggy Mount Baker, Washington State

Mount Baker. Is an 'active glaciated andesitic statovolcano. It is the second most active volcano in the North Cascade Range next to Mount St Helens.
Mount Baker is 3285 m high.
The indigenous people call it Komo Kulshan "white sentinal".

We drove up it's winding switch-back road in dense ethereal fog and cold misty drizzle. We couldn't see more than a few metres in any direction when we first got to the top parking lot. The fog lifted briefly to reveal spectacular postcard perfect vistas and almost as quickly as it pulled back to share its colourful secrets with us, it settled back in turning everything back into a mysterious tableau of white, grey and black.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wahleach Lake

Approximately 15 kms southwest of Hope, in the Skagit Range of the Cascade Mountains, up a pot-holed, rock riddled logging road is Waleach Lake (also known as Jones Lake Reservoir).

Finn Slough, Richmond BC

Pronounced 'slew' it sits in a quiet back water of the Fraser River in Richmond.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Destination: Back to Vancouver along Hwy l part final

The last leg our our trip included some cool tunnels and a stop at the Alexandra Bridge. And what a gorgeous old bridge she is!

One last train to wave at as we wrap up our road trip to Kamloops and home again.

Funky skies as we get closer to the city.

And a startling reminder that we were back in the lower mainland.