Friday, January 22, 2016

Being an idiot is expensive

Not thinking - is when stupid accidents usually happen. And it takes a fraction of a second.
Me + Not Thinking + that Fraction of a Second = a $336.00 windshield replacement.

The glassologists (just made that up) were accommodating and let me hang around and take pictures of them while they worked their magic. These are some of the images.

the results of a split second of stupid
going under the knife
the view's never been so clear
the new glass
it came out a tube but adhered like a flexible stick ribbon
one last look at the breeze blowing right through Ripley
taped up while the ribbony goop sets
brand spanking new view

Thursday, January 21, 2016

One Frosty Morning. January 3rd, 2016

It was cold. Really cold. Well, cold for us light weights out here on the west coast. It was a strange weather combination this particular Sunday. Frost coated just about everything. Puddles were capped over with ice and fog kept lurking around the edges of the day.

So, we had our coffee then, turning up our collars, decided to revisit the community garden in mid-winter slumber. Empty and silent the soil was at rest waiting for the spring army of wheel barrows, rakes and trowels to arrive.

Today's harvest; frost.

Vertical vs horizontal (below) . White balance tweaking. 

Uncropped. Hand held. Full (70-)300 zoom. vs  Cropped for closer view below.

New Year. Old Car. January 1st, 2016

Well, hello 2016. We've managed to lurched into the new year with a car that shortly after all the holiday chaos was over, decided it was cold enough now to literally freeze up on us. And remained out of commission for a week or so.
The weather was all over the place for a few weeks of the year and the Sunday coffee runs were kept to quick trips there and back. No wintery photo safaris for now.
So the car. She's 27 years old. Almost a classic and I guess I should be ready for more of these unscheduled shut downs. 

Throttle bodies and fuel injectors are now part of my vocabulary. Who knows what other mysteries under her hood will introduce themselves to me......
I rather they didn't to be honest
So, stuck inside I decided to dig out / dust off my little used macro lens and give her a go. I've come to the conclusion that I sorely lack the knack and the talent to master the macro lens. But I shoot anyway. And here are some of the results. A couple of 'organic' shots and the rest are metal and coils and built up gunk.

Pixel's ear.
Pixel's neck fur.

Throttle body at all angles. 

The throttle body - where my fuel injector went to die.