Monday, April 18, 2016

Scenic, Sunny Sunday Sumas Mountain Sight Seeing

Our always enjoyable Sunday routine of coffee and a short spin around the lower mainland expanded into what turned out to be an amazing trip up Sumas Mountain, in the Fraser Valley.
Sumas reaches an elevation of 910 metres /2985 feet.  We twisted and turned, bumped and jarred our way to about the 2300 feet mark. And the views were spectacular when we got above some of the tree lines.

Situated between Chillawack and Abbotsford, Sumas Mountain Park is a popular destination for mountain bikers and hikers alike and the roads can accommodate 4x4 vehicles like ours nicely. 

Got a few pictures up and down and around the mountain and some along the way home too . . . .

a spectactular view of Mount Baker
we took the roof off and looked up in awe . . .
one of the tamer puddles we splashed through
this little 4x4 was built for this 
looking at one of the many views
one of the deeper puddles *I* didn't think we'd get through . . . we did
planted by persons that frequented this particular lookout
I understand 'hairpin' turns now
mountain sheered away for the logging roads
looking back down a section we'd just come up
looking straight across from our vantage point
clear cutting delineation practically drawn with a ruler
heading back down making a stop just on the other side of a log bridge
spring is springing everywhere up there
there were these weird conical gizmos covering one section of mountainside looking like tomb stones but had baby trees growing inside each of them
a peek at the valley and river way below
looking back up at where we'd been
stump bleached by the sun
young trees will soon rise around the old wise one
captured a rainbow halo around the sun
layers of green
clay quarry
a snow capped peek through the trees
a view down on the valley
flying through (stinky) rural land
a glimpse of Mount Baker
working the fields
"cross roads"

Exhilarating drive! Great company as always! Beautiful views all within driving distance.