Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stuff and things

Where the hell is time racing off to?!? I had to chop through the cobwebs to get into this blog! What the hell!?!

It's been six months since I've bothered to sort through my photography folders and see if there was anything I wanted to upload. This month's Super Moon had me digging out my neglected camera and unused lenses and pointing at it and random things again.

It made me aware of how the 'trained eye' can get out of shape and miss things it would normally notice immediately. I need to take full advantage of the weather and get the heck out there and re-train my eye!

But for now, I want to park this rag-tag selection of shots here now and hopefully have more to upload again soon an on a regular basis there after....

New Westminster is home to The British Store and Sherlock's Cafe down on Columbia Street. They serve 'high tea' that I would highly recommend.

Sherlock's Cafe's popular High Tea.

The Fraser River, also known as the is the Sto:lo is the longest river in British Columbia. It has been designated a Canadian Heritage River for its natural and human heritage. 
Commercial fishing.
One of the many tenacious tugs that patrol the waterways.
This one is pulling a sizable log boom.
Canada's Coast Guard even makes its way onto the Fraser.
Coast Guard hovercraft. 
End of day - fishing boats heading home.
An all too frequent presence on New West's skyline of late.
Paddlewheeler Riverboat Tour boat heading back to dock.
Granny Hutch pulling the log boom.
Log boom.
Log boom eddy.
July 23rd was the super moon. One thing I learned, well maybe; I need a better Telephoto lens and two; I definitely need one of those fancy-dancy Manfrotto tripods!

Rising Super Moon over Surrey.
My best friends have recently added a new member to their household. They took in a little two year old rescue. She is the shiniest, softest cat I have ever met. She's a good judge of character - she likes me - and has endless curiosity as she should.
Beautiful shiny rescue.
This is Mishka.
I took pictures of him at Christmas when he was a puppy.
Today, he is a bigger puppy.
And Pixel hanging out watching me at my computer.
He sits like this all the time.
And lastly, this is Ripley.
My source of getting out and shooting on a regular basis.

I hope everyone is having a fun-filled safe summer.