Friday, February 3, 2012

Everthing Old Is New Again

Spent a lovely Sunday last weekend roaming around a couple of Antique Stores out in Fort Langley, BC with a friend of mine who is on the hunt for a couple of decorative side tables for her bedroom. We saw a set that was close but not quite. We rewarded our hunting with a delicious breakfast at Wendel's Book Store & Café. One lovely lady gave me permission to shoot some stuff "out back in the cold storage" - basically their work shop/storage area with little lighting and even less heat (none).

Part of a ship's rigging?
Trees were growing through the back wall of the 'table section
Stacked windows and window frames
Fluorescent tube leaning against a rusting old hurricane lamp
The next time we're both free, I want to drag my friend down to "Antique Alley" in New Westminster (where some scenes of "I Robot" were filmed). There's store after store of antiques all along Front Street. (hopefully I'll be allowed to shoot in some of the stores there too)