Saturday, December 27, 2014

I've not posted since July? I have no excuse.

 I'm not one of those "look-back-at-everything-I-did" kind of person. If I did, it would be a pretty quick glance. And I'm definitely not one of those "new-year's-resolution" kind of person either.
I'm guess I'm sort of just floating through life, come-what-may.

Hmmm, and where has that gotten me?

Maybe I should rethink this lackadaisical attitude and start taking stock in things and lay out some kind of plan. Some kind of 'to do list' to attempt to stick to.
Ironically, I live by 'to-do-lists' from week to week: get groceries | dump garbage | do laundry | clean litter boxes | scrub the bathroom. And I even manage to get most of them checked off.

What if I put bigger to-dos down on paper? Like, uh...write that damn novel I keep dreaming of writing! Or stop fucking around and lose that damn weight that's slowly killing me! Rekindle the passion for photography I seemed to have lost. Get my hand-sewn journals onto an Etsy store. These and any of the dozen or so other creative 'projects' I have let sit for far too long.

If I were doing things on a project 'to do' list, I could actually check one off. I'm posting these here as references - I suppose as reminders to keep creating. As inspiration to keep thinking up things I can 'create'.

So....Looking forward from here - 2015 might just come to be remembered as my 'to-do-year' that actually 'got-done'.

The final 'creative project' completed in 2014 Custom Made Christmas Cards [Hand drawn|Inked|Coloured] (in no particular order) :