Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Burnaby's Central Park [06.28.2015]

1. Ocean View Cemetery. 2. Central Park. 3. Behind Our Building.

Another perfect Sunday morning coffee. Another random drive to discover yet another beautiful urban location (one I'd never been to). We made a trip through an immaculately manicured Ocean View Cemetery, hoping to find an 'older corner' to look at the dates on the gravestones. We looked. And we looked. And we looked, but found nothing. But did spy a beautiful stained glass window through an open chapel door.

Ocean View cemetery chapel stained glass window.
From the cemetery we basically drove around the block and went into Burnaby's Central Park. I had no idea what was in the park and just how big it was. It's about 222 acres, has a couple of duck ponds, a pitch-n-putt and swimming facilities to mention a few things it has to offer. We only wandered around a small corner of it before we headed home.

Chilling by the pond.
At one end of the pond a group of 'miniature enthusiasts'(?) had gathered to remotely control their incredibly detailed motorized 'vessels'.

Detailed miniature train cars on a miniature barge.
Day care duty.
Dry docked?
It even has a little waving man in the doorway.

This tree was leaking.
The most fragrant and sticky stuff I've ever poked my finger in!

More chilling by the pond.

Better known as 'The Boot' by those in the know.
Drive-by shooting - picture taken from the car.
Your average three storey (low-rise) apartment building in my neighbourhood.
Interesting clouds passing by.
No relief from the blistering heat.
When we got home and parked he made a b-line for the garden hose.
The local birds, feral cats and the urban wildlife that has adapted to living among us have little or no access to water in this kind of weather. He let the hose run and created refreshing puddles in the alley for the very grateful animals. As soon as we left pigeons, crows and chickadees could practically be heard sighing as they splashed about in the water. If you don't have a bird bath, think about leaving shallow pans or bowls in your gardens. They will thank you.

And of course....out came my 'artsy-fartsy' side and I took pictures of the water.

Reflections in the growing puddles.

A bunch of locals wishing we'd get the heck outta there.
There's some bird bathing to be done!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Early Morning Stroll along the Quay [06.26.2015]

No matter how many times you wander down to the New Westminster Quay, there always seems to be something new I come across. I took advantage of a day off and was down on the boards by about 6:30am. Early morning light makes for some great exposures. I will have to get down there at sunset/dusk to see what the light is like at that time of day.

A beautiful view even with the working ships.

Freshly watered hanging baskets.
The Paddlewheeler
Self proclaimed "World's Tallest Tin Soldier".
The Inn at the Quay opened in August of 1988. It sits on pillars that extend right out into the river. All of its nautically themed rooms are positioned to look either up or down the river.

Heading along the shoreline to New Westminster's new Pier Park.
'Modern' architecture book-ending beautiful older buildings.
View at the start of the Pier Park walk way.

Heading back.
I love me some shadow and light.
The temperamental Skytrain.

Looking toward downtown New Westminster.

Heavy duty bumper action.
Simon Fraser. The river was named for this guy.

 It was a lovely way to spend a morning off.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


The French Bulldog: His unique appearance and mischievous nature make the "Frenchie" a well-loved breed. quote from dogtime.com

The saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' might have been coined when talking about the loving parents of a "Frenchie".

They may look little and cute in photographs but they are, shall we say....chunky little monkeys! Substantial? Densely packaged?

They have been described as "free thinkers". I'm hearing "stubborn as a post". But at the same time they can be as relaxed and easygoing as the next guy - just chillin' on the sofa watching football with the boys.

I got to meet one close up and personal last night! And I'm in love!

This is Gus. I'm not sure if he was saddled with a mile long pedigree name when he was born but Gus suits him just fine!


He has the tell-tale bat ears on a surprisingly MASSIVE head. Has the cutest concentration of wrinkles on that massive head, a cork screw tail and he reminded me at certain angles of a potato and he snorted like a run away freight train as he raced around with his beloved tennis ball (before he ripped it to shreds).

Heeeeeere GUS!

Hi, I'm Gus.

Looks sad to be saying good bye to *ME* but nope, he was pissed at grandma!

Thank you "Grandma" for sharing your bat-eared-wrinkled-forehead-freight-train-snorting-tennis-ball-destroying Gussy with us last night!!! Bring him around again soon!!!!