Saturday, September 8, 2012

Redwood Nature Trails, Surrey BC

My friend found this little jewel in Surrey while, of all places, in his flight simulator and checking out 'Google Earth'. Redwood Nature Park covers a steep sloped hillside. The park has clear manageable trails and off-shoots to explore under a soothing green canopy.

Early pioneer and homesteader David Brown Sr. gave his twin sons - David and Peter  - for their 21st birthdays, 40 acres each of the logged hilltop of the property. 

The two immediately began planting exotic species of trees from around the world.

The brothers lived on the property all their lives, becoming more solitary and eccentric. They eventually built a two-storey tree house and lived there together for many years. And although their bachelor abode burned down on more than one occasion, it was rebuilt and is still a feature of the park.

Today Redwood Park is a major collection of exotic trees, particularly evergreens.

The replica of the brother's lifelong secluded home
Today's visitors to the park can enjoy visiting the 'fairies' grove where their front doors can be found at the base of some of some trees
mossy limbs
looks like the rock is bound in stone rope
heart-shaped reminder of a long lost limb
peaceful resting place

(another place to see an wide variety of exotic trees is on the Riverview Hospital grounds in Coquitlam, BC)