Monday, July 16, 2012

Deer Lake Park July 15, 2012

Just a block or two in off of Canada Way in Burnaby, you can find a little escape from the traffic and noise of the city. In one concentrated area you have the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, the Hart House Restaurant, the Burnaby Art Gallery, the Burnaby Village Museum and the scenic 5.7km boardwalk along Deer Lake. The well maintained board walk is wide enough for two way traffic, clusters of joggers training for the 'Sun Run' and happy-to-be-out dogs walking their humans.

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday - sunny, breezy, hot - the perfect summer weekend. And based on that, I decided to hit the Deer Lake boardwalk first thing Sunday morning before the temperature climbed and literally everyone and their dog was out there with me.

The sun never materialized on Sunday. I walked around a practically abandoned boardwalk in a cool light drizzle. The sky was white-grey and a challenge for me to meter. The lake is beautiful on bright sunny days, but it's dramatic and moody in shades of grey.

The start of the boardwalk
The lake was smothered in blooming lily pads
I didn't see these two tykes until mom swooped in to round them up
Another blooming lily
Nestled in a shaded dip in the lake
Lighting can create drama
drizzle drops collected on the pedals
The lake is choked with lily pads
Berries(?) along the boardwalk
Rounding the bend back to the start