Monday, May 31, 2021

Glenbrook Ravine Park

Another wonderful Sunday morning outing. Off to our regular breakfast spot - that is now allowing indoor dining again. Things are getting better day by day.
The weather might run out of good. It has to pull back on being warm and sunny and perfect every day. We'll run out of stretches of blue skies and  t-shirt weather at this rate. 
I always hope for thunderstorms - maybe we can squeeze a couple of those before the summer heat is the only thing we're complaining about.
After our little breakfast, we made it over to the Glenbrook Ravine Park and wandered around in the drifting Cottonwood looking like snow and snapped at things that caught my eye. (I must make a point of going back to the ravine in the fall, winter and spring to catch its other personalities.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The World is Exploding in Green

Wait a minute! Is there actually a light at the end of the COVID tunnel?
There has been talk of the bans being lifted as early as Canada Day, July 1st.
That news is being well received. As we wait - some of us patiently, some of us not so much - to be able to gather again, nature's been over here just been keeping to its own schedule. The trees and plants are exploding with life. Beautiful hues of green are everywhere and the sky seems to be a warmer, deeper blue. 
While I'm waiting for much needed human interaction, hugs and a restaurant meal sitting in front of me, I'm still tinkering with the art of baking.
Maltese Pastizzi should be illegal. Off the calorie and flavour scale. Delicious!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

A few random things from March to May

Time can get away from us quickly, well, me at least. I seemed to keep abandonning this blog, but do come back with more miscellaneous images to upload. 

COVID is still playing havoc on the whole planet! 
We still head out for our Sunday coffee these days but sit in the car in the A&W parking lot and have our breakfasts looking at the drive-thru traffic parade by us.
More and more people are getting their vaccinations so the numbers should start improving. Hopefully sooner than later.

So images here are from different outings. There are pictures of 'industrial park' architecture. Impressive for the 'type' of buildings they are. Weather was pretty grim for the last month or two of winter and most of spring. But I love the mood of the sky this time of year.

Architecture, the Pink moon, a pink tulip, wrinkled potatoes - that have since been eaten, a macro filter set test on a Phillips lightbulb. Basically a modge-podge of shots. Just the way I like it.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Pullman Bread Loaf Pan

Well, the never ending Covid-19 quarantine is still in effect. I think I have a handle on making French bread so I ordered a nifty 'Pullma' loaf pan I found online. Tried it out and it made the cutest sandwich square loaf. And it tasted pretty good too!

French bread

Dough for the Pullman loaf

Greased and rising for two hours

Rising in a warm place (my kitchen's cold)

Fresh out of the oven

Cooling on a rack

Ready to toast!