Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Surprise view behind Snitzer Metals

It's the middle of August. The heat has been relentless for weeks.

The province is burning!

The swelling clouds of smoke can be seen from space. The smoke in the air burns the eyes, chokes the weak. The air is tainted a gritty orange.We're experiencing the worse air quality ever recorded. 

We headed out this Sunday crossing the Pattullo Bridge again to explore the Surrey side of the Fraser River.

We watched cars being grabbed and piled into the back of trucks before a security guard shooed us away. We came upon a derelict ship sitting hull deep in the muck of low tide. The sensor on my camera picked up on the gritty orange tinge of the air as evident in the images I captured. (they remind me of sepia tones of olden day photos)

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cariboo Dam

Cariboo Dam sits at one end of the trail that circles around the lake in Burnaby Lake Regional Park. There is a salmon and trout 'ladder' at the dam and a year-round turtle nesting. Swallows, Canada Goose and heron, among other birds, frequent the area.