Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thought I'd gathered up images from the end of April and the beginning of May.

It makes me happy that a lot of the images I think as 'keepers' are taken right in my 'back yard'. Like Luna sitting on the back fence - that was taken from my kitchen window. The film reel is sitting on a cabinet in my dining area and the cat Pixel is parked on his cat tree by the living room window. The gargoyles and tulip tree are on my route to work. The new park, the river and super moon were shot from the upper level of the New West Quay parkade. The new bridge pictures are the only shots taken a car drive away from home - but that was just across the Patullo into Surrey.
New Port Mann going up
A final section to go in on the new bridge
Luna surveying her realm
Sir Pixel holding court
Film reel
Yet another condominium being crammed into my little neighbourhood
Neighbourhood heritage home getting a spruced up
Meet a couple I'd like to call Gar and Goyle
Goyle from the front
Goyle looking stoic
And there's this little house just a block away
Their last few days before they fall
New Westminster's newest park
Train crossing at dusk
A Super Moon rose May 5th, 2012
The moon over Surrey
The Alex Fraser bridge
A tugboat float blissfully by
Industry never sleeps
Rising into the night