Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cobwebs, Spiders and Fog

To my delight, my camera, once again, seems to be coming an extension of my right arm. And just when I thought that there was nothing left for me to shoot going to and from work, something presses against my peripheral vision and; what was old, is new again.

Now, be warned that a couple of these *might* be a little shudder worthy.

Trust me. I was shuddering the morning I thought I might locate the little creator that kept attaching his/her webs to the car's side mirror.


To my queasy discovery, there were too many of these industrious creatures to count - and they were all suspended DIRECTLY over my head. 

Once my shuddering, wibbling and wobbling and dancing about like I had sand in my pants, was over I raced upstairs, got a different lens for my camera and came back down to shoot a couple of the bigger suckers!

So, You . Have . Been . Warned

there's a fresh one there every time we go out to the car
first suspect
just to be creepier, a closer shot
second suspect, actually caught in the act of spinning yet another web overhead
Okay, you can stop wincing and/or cringing, that's it for the creepy crawlies!

more macro experimenting | more confusion and frustration | back to the drawing board
a darker, foggier and different angle of abbey road?
an alley on the way to work. In fog like this I expect a banshee to come screeching out at me
parking lot lights looking more like hovering spaceships
It felt like Christmas for a second!
And on that note, I am outta here
And the randomness is over until another post. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Summer Hiatus Might be Over

I seem to have been on a summer hiatus of sorts. It was a beautiful hot summer. I just wasn't feeling it photographically. But now that the cooler air and changing hues are upon us, I feel the tug of my camera strap, and have been seeing things through a lens again. It's good to be back at it. I've accumulated a few random images over the last few weeks or so that I want to upload here (in no particular order).

morning java  (wonder if I'll be told to remove this image by Starbucks lawyers)
Just last week New Westminster suffered a sad loss down on historic Columbia Street. The corner block that held such stores as Copp's Shoes and Moody Beads was destroyed in an early morning fire. All that remains is a leveled block of rubble, crime task force vehicles and curious on-lookers.

what's left of a corner of history
NWPD squad car parked below the Front Street Parkade

On Thanks Giving I took myself over to Queen's Park to see if there were any trees changing colour. I didn't see any but did find other things to shoot, some at the end of their lifespan.

not a building, just a frame and window panes

To my delight, we have left the godawful sweltering heat of summer behind us and are entering the age of fog! My favourite weather condition, second only to thunder storms. A few of the following 'fog' images make me realize just how dark it is when I walk to work at four o'clock in the morning!!

first time for me - a full moon in fog (poor quality image but so cool to see!)
beautifully empty main streets at this hour!
every day on my way to work, I pass this creepy little old man sitting on the bus bench.
 He eats bubble gum, blows bubbles and cracks his wad of gum so loud that it echos off the buildings. I can smell that familiar bubble gum smell from fifteen feet away. He creeps me out!
the block up to work's front door

Took a few shots around the apartment - even made a few attempts at mastering my new macro lens - I'm still working on that. And I thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures of my two cats, the camera shy Dakota and the 'famous' Pixel (the internet is fueled by cats, dontcha know?)

macro practice

A normally boring, run of the mill walk home (for the umpteenth time) that I normally day dream through, can become an adventure when you really start looking at the things around you instead of looking through them. I looked 'at' instead of 'through' this one walk home.

art installation behind the New West Public Library
the neighbourhood is gearing up for my favourite holiday

sun catcher
Hopefully I won't take another three months to post.  Thanks for spending some time looking through this collection of randomness.