Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cobwebs, Spiders and Fog

To my delight, my camera, once again, seems to be coming an extension of my right arm. And just when I thought that there was nothing left for me to shoot going to and from work, something presses against my peripheral vision and; what was old, is new again.

Now, be warned that a couple of these *might* be a little shudder worthy.

Trust me. I was shuddering the morning I thought I might locate the little creator that kept attaching his/her webs to the car's side mirror.


To my queasy discovery, there were too many of these industrious creatures to count - and they were all suspended DIRECTLY over my head. 

Once my shuddering, wibbling and wobbling and dancing about like I had sand in my pants, was over I raced upstairs, got a different lens for my camera and came back down to shoot a couple of the bigger suckers!

So, You . Have . Been . Warned

there's a fresh one there every time we go out to the car
first suspect
just to be creepier, a closer shot
second suspect, actually caught in the act of spinning yet another web overhead
Okay, you can stop wincing and/or cringing, that's it for the creepy crawlies!

more macro experimenting | more confusion and frustration | back to the drawing board
a darker, foggier and different angle of abbey road?
an alley on the way to work. In fog like this I expect a banshee to come screeching out at me
parking lot lights looking more like hovering spaceships
It felt like Christmas for a second!
And on that note, I am outta here
And the randomness is over until another post. Thanks for stopping by.

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