Monday, July 30, 2018

The Wall & Robert Burnaby Park

Sunday. Hit the road. Didn't cross any bridges this weekend. Went to Burnaby.
Walked along 'the wall'. A wall that separates an idyllic suburban neighbourhood from a busy, busy highway! The wall succeeded in cutting most of the noise. If you let your imagination go a little, you could imagine the steady drone is a rushing river. 

The moon - the night after the lunar eclipse

The wall

Caught in his own web

His name is Mark Anthony

Robert Burnaby Park. A lovely large park that is bisected by winding forested trails and bubbling little creeks. And where the odd sport of  'frizbee golf' is played.

Robert Burnaby Park is bear territory and an off-leash park .. .. .. hmmmm

Friday, July 27, 2018

Blood Moon July 27 2018

July 27th, 2018: Blood moon. Total lunar eclipse.
The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century'.
The eclipse lasted for nearly two hours in total.
The eclipse itself wasn't seen anywhere in North America.
The moon's colour lived up to it's name.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Two Surrey Parks July 22, 2018

Our Sunday morning was breezy and cool but the heat quickly climbed and settled into the current - what I'd call - heat wave. I'll never admit it, but, we sure could use some rain.
We crossed the Pattullo bridge and explored Sunny, sweltering Surrey.
Surrey is not lacking in urban parks from first impression. Before the heat had us wilting, we managed to make brief visits to two of the city's delightful parks.
We found the 'other side' of Green Timbers Park, the side where the lake 'isn't'. And the other was Hawthorn Park. 

The kitchen window corn has 'tasseled'. The ears are tiny but they're there.

Lines and angles.

Iron and steel cross roads.

Pan of three seamed photos.

Parallel universes.


Circa 1960 feel.


Manicured urban park.

Back lit.

Possible Arbutus sighting.
(normally only found on Vancouver Island, not in the lower mainland.)

Nice place for 'special occasion' photos?

Mop top.

Could this be tree versions of tattoos?

Great moss cover.


A refreshing shaded trail.


Straighten up, we're getting our picture taken.

Faerie Castle.

Mossy limbs.

Leaf speckled path.

Dreamy green canopy.

Looking forward to our next discovery . . .