Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New West's Rose Garden and Petting Zoo

Every summer, from May to September the city of New Westminster trucks in an assortment of cute, little baby farm critters for the cute, little baby humans to meet. Baby humans who get really excited and vocal about the whole thing. Their squeals of delight can drown out the resident peacock and hen.
The variety seems a little thin this year but the teetering toddlers and their hovering parents didn't seem to mind or even notice.

Across a heaving and cracked parking lot, just around the corner from the Petting Farm/Zoo is the city's Rose Garden. Beautifully maintained and popular with the wedding crowd as a beautiful backdrop for their special day.

The morning I decided to pop in after work was just after a massive downpour the night before. I didn't know if any of the plants had survived. Most of the blooms did and beautifully. Standing proudly over blankets of dropped petals under every bush.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Around the corner of the community garden.

Sunny Sunday drives. I live for them! They make work bearable. But enough about that. We revisited another route we are able to maneuver with our eyes closed yet it presents a whole new view of the beautiful urban forest we live near. Willard street is long and straight and I believe is virtually unknown to most of the people that live in New Westminster. The community garden plots are explosions of green and colour. The local farmers are busy cultivating their produce. Their jobs are so under appreciated. Not as simple as Monday to Friday, nine to five. They work hard and are rarely recognized for their contribution. I caught these along the path of Willard Park and zipping by the views in the car.

my corn is growing quickly

the hollyhocks are stepping forward and showing off everywhere

very unassuming entrance into Willard park

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Serpentine Wildlife Area

We found ourselves heading over the Alex Fraser Bridge into Delta this past Sunday.
The clouds were crazy impressive and I finally picked up a (circular) polarizing filter. Still testing it - and my eye but the results are acceptable. Will keep practicing. These are some things I stopped to shoot (or shot from a moving car).

First attempt at growing corn in my apartment kitchen window 
Met a 'herd' of cows chillaxing with their babies

She seemed fascinated with my camera

A couple of sleepy babies soaking up the sun

Is a back that straight considered good posture?

Another curious little one

Testing out the new polarizing filter on some clouds

I'm finding this filter can really add drama to a shot.
Looks like a mini Winchester Mystery House

First attempt at shooting butterflies (I need a lot more practice!)

This little guy seemed ravenous. Was devouring everything in sight

He (she?) was flitting from blossom to blossom with gusto

I am in love with these natural tunnels
They are magical to me

Grass as high as an elephant's eye

Keep out. Sensitive wildlife area

One more mysterious trail

Lookout tower. I'd like a tree house like this!

Wind pattern in the tall grass

Blowing in the wind

Dramatic clouds as we headed back over the Alex Fraser