Saturday, June 16, 2018

Serpentine Wildlife Area

We found ourselves heading over the Alex Fraser Bridge into Delta this past Sunday.
The clouds were crazy impressive and I finally picked up a (circular) polarizing filter. Still testing it - and my eye but the results are acceptable. Will keep practicing. These are some things I stopped to shoot (or shot from a moving car).

First attempt at growing corn in my apartment kitchen window 
Met a 'herd' of cows chillaxing with their babies

She seemed fascinated with my camera

A couple of sleepy babies soaking up the sun

Is a back that straight considered good posture?

Another curious little one

Testing out the new polarizing filter on some clouds

I'm finding this filter can really add drama to a shot.
Looks like a mini Winchester Mystery House

First attempt at shooting butterflies (I need a lot more practice!)

This little guy seemed ravenous. Was devouring everything in sight

He (she?) was flitting from blossom to blossom with gusto

I am in love with these natural tunnels
They are magical to me

Grass as high as an elephant's eye

Keep out. Sensitive wildlife area

One more mysterious trail

Lookout tower. I'd like a tree house like this!

Wind pattern in the tall grass

Blowing in the wind

Dramatic clouds as we headed back over the Alex Fraser

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