Sunday, April 22, 2018

Gordon & Gordon and Urban Clear Cutting

Another sunny, warm Sunday. A perfect day for one of our early morning breakfasts and a random drive.

Drove through an area of Burnaby called Buckingham Heights. A rather affluent neighbourhood with amazing views of the North Shore mountains. An area, it seems, that likes to reuse street names. There are ridiculously humongous  houses erected mere feet apart from one another. All that opulence and they're living like a bunch of sardines. But at least someone has had the foresight to protect the little pockets of green spaces that thread through the area.

Beautiful shady paths that disappear between houses and descend into ravines and follow random creeks that eventually trickle into Burnaby Lake.

But even the affluent can't keep urban sprawl at bay, and for the next little while, or until it happens in another neighbourhood, they are stuck looking at the ugly urban clear cutting happening literally in their back yards. 

my personal supervisor


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Lower Hume Park April 15th 2018

Sunday mornings = our breakfast 'dates'.

Despite this Sunday's morning weather not looking promising, we wrapped up breakfast and headed out for a meandering drive. Early Sunday mornings are the best for 'Sunday Drives'.

The roads are basically empty and we just pull over for the hot-headed tail-gaters who are in too much of a hurry to enjoy the early morning pace.
We make it a point to drive down one ways and single lane alleys, pulling off to the side to hop out and take pictures of the 'views'' and 'vistas' we come upon.

This morning, it was like the sun was waiting for us as we made our final stop at New Westminster's Lower Hume Park. The Brunette river that is shared by multiple municipalities runs into a creek that flows through Hume Park. [and we were told that a healthy population of Blue Herons live in the area - to be checked out when we revisit the park at a later date].

An out of the way back lane with lovely little secluded houses.

Sunday morning traffic. Just how we like it.

A cool looking steeple (shot from moving car)

Showers are still in the forecast, which will bring out the flowers and budding trees. Mother Nature is waking for another season. Looking forward to more meandering drives.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel and a long overdue reunion

My sweet 'Breakfast/Sunday Drive Buddy' generously offered to get me into Vancouver at the peak of Monday morning rush hour. Driving downtown is crazy! I don't know how people don't lose their minds in that insanity!
He dropped me off outside the front door of the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel on W Hastings. I think W. Hastings is the epicentre of hotels in this city.

With excitement and a little apprehension, I headed up to the 17th floor to meet a dear, dear old friend I hadn't seen, except for briefly at my mother's funeral in 2011, seen in many years.

I knocked at the door.

With school girl squeals and tight hugs, time fell away and it was like we'd seen one another last week. At least that was what it was like for me. 

We never left the suite. We settled in two chairs facing the terrific view from their suite and talked for hours. Photographed the constant changing view from their hotel room balcony. And indulged in snacks that tasted all the better with stories that mostly started with; 'do you remember the time when .. .. .. "

Their room had a fairly unobstruced view of the North Shore mountains.
The only obstructions were the every moving clouds. 

the view from room 1733

floating gas station

Harbour Air docking bays

for size comparison

Sea Vancouver zooming by HA

wind turbine on Grouse mountain

home again

new goods arriving

swirling clouds across the North Shore mountains

a glimpse at the tip of Stanley Park

float plane passing by the snow covered mountains

North Vancouver high rises dwarfed by the mountains

Stanley Park with a North Shore mountain backdrop

Well, a visit of nearly six hours ended too soon. Despite not leaving the room, it went by in a blink.
I'm hoping to see my friends again very soon. Either when they get back out here to BC or if I get an opportunity to fly back east.  Safe trip home guys. See you again soon.