Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Fraser Titan

Why is it always so cold when there's brilliant sunlight. It was a crisp, cool day. It's a challenge to shoot when bright sunlight bouncing off the wet roads and clean snow. 

Another lovely Sunday morning drive and we checked out J.J. Cool & Co., and the Fraser River Titan.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Foggy Fall Morning

If this area of BC does anything right, it's that it sure knows how to be foggy. When it rolls in it can stay for days. There are pockets of fog so thick you can barely make things out ten feet away and ten minutes later, come around a stand of trees and you're squinting into blinding sunlight. You dip back into a raveen and it's like you're stepping into the mists blanketing Brigadoon. I love the fog.


Well we're already two months into a new year. Time has wings! And I thought I'd gather up a random snippet of images from December to February all in one post. [oops, they are a little out of chronological order]

My Lodge Dutch Oven getting ready to bake bread for the first time. 

The results. 

The stove the magic happened in. 

Out of sequence. My attempt at decorating for the Season. 

It's still vibrant in mid February. 

From Curios and Cunundrums. Birthday gift.

A slight omen of what was to come. 

The Alex. 

The SS Minnow? 

I'm on track. 
The boy just hanging out with mom. 

A new snow front has just rolled into the area and the newly disguised landscape is beckoning. I'm hoping to have a winter wonderland to post next.....