Monday, June 6, 2011

Kilby Historic Site & Mont Woodridge Jumpers

So, the lower mainland. IS BIG. Bigger than I thought. I need a GPS I think. What was going to be a short two hour 'jaunt' max, turned into a seven hour trek. But worth every minute. Even if my trip buddy was NOT happy about roaming around an historic site. He -and rightly so- can gloat about the second place we visited. Mont Woodridge. It was amazing!
It's going to take something even more amazing-er to top that! Srsly!

Anyway, Kilby is a "1920's Historic Site". With cool 1920's farm buildings and a couple of goats and bunnies, pigs and ducks. It's one of BC Heritage's recognized sites (which there are over 200 of them). It is a nicely maintained 'living museum' and recommended to all interested in taking a look back at a little corner of BC.

A little past the farm, we found a forest service road that went, well, straight up! Where we found a handful of some crazy fools who enjoy running off the tops of mountains and soar over the valley and river(s) below. The drive up there was bone jarring but the view was spectacular!!! And of course, what kind of trip would it be if I didn't meet a four footed friend.

Here's some of the stuff I saw.