Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great weekend weather means hitting the road

Terrific weather this weekend had us heading off early on Saturday morning to Sumas Mountain in the valley to see just how high up the logging road(s) we could go before bolders, washouts or fallen trees stopped us. We made a stop at the desolate radio tower to get a look out over Mission, BC. The wind up there was biting cold under a clear blue sky. Water filled tire ruts were frozen over. We went up a couple more roads that snaked off in different directions up the mountain - mostly ending at clear cut sections or passing through them.
The idea of clear-cutting drives a dagger through my heart. The end results are devastating to look at, a terrible scar on the landscape that can be seen for miles until the new growth takes hold.

Ice as thin as fine crystal

Looking over Mission from tower height

Forgotten casualties

Aged to a shiny silver

Standing against the winds