Thursday, February 24, 2011

It was so neat to see it in person

It was a clear, crisp cold, COLD Saturday morning. We left early to get to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal to head up the Sunshine Coast to Gibson's to visit what some (older Canadians) might call a National Shrine. At least any Canadian raised on CBC's "The Beach Combers".

We stepped out on the deck of 'The Queen of Surrey' as she pulled out of Horseshoe Bay to take in the view but the strong, biting cold wind quickly drove us back inside. It was amazing to watch the cold blow across the eerie dark water as we headed around Bowen Island over to Langdale.

The Beach Combers' "Molly's Reach" is still standing and still has the giant "Welcome Back" in green across the front of its yellow facade. I didn't think I'd be as thrilled about walking up to AND into Molly's as I was. I think I was getting second looks from the 'locals' because of the stupid grin on my face. The town is picturesquely quaint, if that's possible and I imagined myself retiring there and living in a funky houseboat to write all the unwritten novels I have banging around in my noggin.

It had warmed up by the time we off-loaded at Langdale. We drove to Gibson's, walked around for a while at the marina, ate our scrumptious "Veggie Hash" breakfasts in Molly's Reach before heading further along the winding bending coast, passing communities with wonderful names like Smuggler's Cove and Half Moon Bay going as far up as Madeira Park.

Of course true to form, I met a four-footed friend happy to pose for a quick snapshot. 

Heading back to Langdale, we pulled in along a beautiful stretch of 'seawall' and I just lost myself watching the wind push wave after wave toward the shore while gulls hovered in the air currents overhead. This display of water and wind has strengthened my desire to get over to Tofino to "Storm Watch". I'll be beside myself when I see that. But that's for another blog post isn't it......

It was just a 'day trip' but it was a great day, one I won't soon forget.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Was backing up foto files and found some old stuff

This is a hodge-podge post of pictures taken at various times and I just wanted to 'document' them here even though there's no theme what-so-ever. They range from thistles, to water droplets, to a heron in Burns Bog, to a chunk of amethyst and feral cats living out back under our carport.