Sunday, May 27, 2018

East Richmond

May 27th, 2018. Another lovely, sunny Sunday morning. Blue skies with a few wispy clouds. The day was filled with cool breezes and vibrant greens.
Spring is in full command but Summer isn't far behind. 

Not from this morning - taken one dreary weekday afternoon.

Judgmental much?
Gone to seed.


A walk through the woods.

Yet to bloom thistle.

Out of the woods.

Final days.

Like veins and arteries.

A little fun with photoshop elements.

Soon to be towering black berries.

Sun dappled path.

Reaching for the sun.

Richmond drag racing...?

Panorama (5 images seamed together).


Stacked shipping containers. 

River tugs.
Low tide.

Our little Sidekick that keeps on running.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Everything is so green

Oh how I love our Sunday mornings. Yep another A&W breakfast and a little drive around town. He had a walk in mind that suited my activity level.
(I'm a notch above inert so) .. .. ..

It's been so beautiful lately that was odd to have overcast skies but it *is* the long weekend after all. 
Happy Statutory Holiday I suppose. 

The path - that I believe is nameless - cuts into trees off a dead end road and is marked by a brightly spray painted sewer cover. Fluorescent orange to be exact. Impossible to miss. Worth the 'bit of a climb' once it leveled off and ran flat.

I always think of faerie stories and secret gardens when I find myself on canopied trails like this. Everything is so green.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Are all dog parks always this empty all the time?

Here we are again. Another Sunday morning breakfast and drive. Spring is busy getting ready for summer to step in and take over. Everything is bursting with new green and plants are stretching after a long winter slumber.

We ventured a little farther than our usual New West/Burnaby route and found yet another beautiful park. The Everett Crowley Park just across the line into Vancouver. - with on/off leash trails.

I sit at my computer table editing pictures after our drives and without exception, I get a visitor or two perching on the roof outside my window that I feel obliged to capture. Normally it's the neighbourhood crows or pigeons but today I was visited by a curious sea gull.

a visitor outside my 'studio' window
made a stop at Mandeville's after breakfast

scattered water jugs at park entrance to fill and bring along with you
to fill up dog water stations all along the trails

After the park we headed back into New Westminster and popped in at a local dog park. To my disappointment t wasn't actually teeming with activity. Like any other designated dog park I've seen - it was relatively empty. Are all dog parks always this empty, all the time? And if they are, will they be shut down for lack of use? I hope not. And I hope I've just not visited them at peak doggy time.

one of the only two pups using the dog park

Beagle / Basenji Battle (the Beagle won)

Two posts back we came across double named cross streets. Gordon & Gordon and Buckingham & Buckingham. Today was no exception. Found another one on Sunday . Maybe we need to zigzag through the city and get a bunch more. 

so this felt like an appropriate shot for the 13th image of the post

Sunday, May 6, 2018

New Westminster's beautiful Queensboro

It's another Sunday morning. we made our scheduled breakfast stop and took little 'local' drive. As what is what we aught to do on a Sunday morning.

We never have to go very far to find lovely or interesting things to look at or explore. This morning was no different.

New Westminster's quaint little neighbourhood of Queensboro on the eastern tip of Lulu Island is a mixture of older (war-era?) single family and massive multi-family homes. And in the last decade or so, developers have managed to pack in rows and rows of a pleasant variety of pretty little cookie-cutter houses. 

Waiting patiently while dad was in A&W

A glimpse at the overpass

The walking path up to the overpass

Caged wishes

An amazing local dog park

A break in the traffic

The overpass

Local ducks taking over a backyard swimming pool

Mount Judge Howay, The Witness and the Defendant

Make a wish before it's gone on the wind

Shot through the open roof of our moving vehicle

The views from Queensboro are amazing

Twin willows outside the Queensboro Community Centre

Patchy bark

Community Centre Skate Park

A little piece of paradise

Beautiful Dogwood

Pretty but they stink

Queensboro Community Centre and Library

Trees over head shot through the open carvroof