Friday, November 27, 2009

Autumn is settling in around us

Gosh who hit the 'summer-is-officially-over' button? And hit the accelerate button into winter? I nearly had to dust off the D60 to shoot this morning. These first two shots are of 4:45AM fog I took walking to work. They are also the first images I managed to upload into LightRoom and fiddle with. (so excuse the quality) I love fog. I wish I had blown off work today and just wandered around taking pictures of the city draped in all that beautiful fog. Maybe next time - which is apt to happen. It's weird here, we can get day, even weeks of fog here in the middle of winter. It's kind of awesome.

This little guy was cooperating for once and was sitting still enough in a box for me to capture a pretty crisp image of him. He's usually just a blur when ever I try taking any images of him.

I hope I don't go as long between shoots. I miss taking pictures every day. I might do a 365 project again for 2010. I could use the excuse to get to learn just how much neat stuff my dSLR does.