Thursday, June 25, 2015


The French Bulldog: His unique appearance and mischievous nature make the "Frenchie" a well-loved breed. quote from

The saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' might have been coined when talking about the loving parents of a "Frenchie".

They may look little and cute in photographs but they are, shall we say....chunky little monkeys! Substantial? Densely packaged?

They have been described as "free thinkers". I'm hearing "stubborn as a post". But at the same time they can be as relaxed and easygoing as the next guy - just chillin' on the sofa watching football with the boys.

I got to meet one close up and personal last night! And I'm in love!

This is Gus. I'm not sure if he was saddled with a mile long pedigree name when he was born but Gus suits him just fine!


He has the tell-tale bat ears on a surprisingly MASSIVE head. Has the cutest concentration of wrinkles on that massive head, a cork screw tail and he reminded me at certain angles of a potato and he snorted like a run away freight train as he raced around with his beloved tennis ball (before he ripped it to shreds).

Heeeeeere GUS!

Hi, I'm Gus.

Looks sad to be saying good bye to *ME* but nope, he was pissed at grandma!

Thank you "Grandma" for sharing your bat-eared-wrinkled-forehead-freight-train-snorting-tennis-ball-destroying Gussy with us last night!!! Bring him around again soon!!!!

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