Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Burnaby Lake and the Still Creek Watershed

The temperatures are dropping. We survived summer's endless heatwave. Now leaves are hitching rides on the gusts of wind blowing winter ever closer.
This past Sunday we went on yet another little jaunt after our customary coffees.

Ended up down on the edge of Burnaby Lake specifically out on Piper Spit where dozens of water fowl floated around the wooden walkway that juts out into the lake.
Burnaby lake named for Colonel Richard Moody's personal secretary Robert Burnaby. It is a glacial lake that was formed about 12,000 yeas ago at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age.
Burnaby Lake Regional Park covers over 700 acres of land, and is home to a large variety of wildlife. At least 70 species of birds make the lake and surrounding areas their home, and about 214 species of birds visit the lake throughout the year. The park has been managed by the Metro Vancouver Parks Department since 1977. (wikipedia)

Hanging outside the Starbucks window.
I'm in trouble if anybody asks me the names some of these feathered friends!

After leaving Burnaby Lake we went on a hunt for among other things the head of the Still Creek Watershed.

One of the sections of the creek we found. In 2012 after an 80 year absence, Chum Salmon were seen spawning up the creek and have continued their return since.

Where to next week if we hit the road again?
Is it too late to find a pumpkin patch near by? We'll see.

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