Thursday, November 12, 2015

Better known as The Central Valley

They meet . Somewhere . Under a highway it seems . But both lakes connect .
Still Creek . Burnaby Lake . Meet or flow into one another and into what other lake, creek, stream, pond or pool of water there is in the Lower Mainland aka the Central Valley.

Side trip out to Metrotown just before the rain hit.
A colour photo looks B&W.
Sun broke through the clouds to glisten on the drops.
Golden carpet.
A circular(?) rainbow effect in the sky behind the fence behind our Sunday adventure buggy.
It isn't a photo outing if I'm not taking 'odd' shots?
Stand out in a crowd.
Came across a rowing club. It's facilities were in pretty poor shape.
The grandstand was off limits. The seating is literally rotting away.

Done for the season but still beautiful.
Rowing club students/members.
An exciting discovery this Sunday. The Deer Lake Brook.
One of the locals looking for lunch.
A peaceful spot to sit at the Wildlife Rescue facilities we also found along the water.
A meandering wooden walkway still beautiful to stroll along even this late in the year.
This makes me so happy! Another sign of people caring about our bees.
Think about donating to places like this.
The clock in New Westminster at 6th and 8th.


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