Monday, August 24, 2015

Another In-Our-Backyard Sunday Outing [08.23.2015]

We are having an incredible summer so far. I don't know how many temperature records we've broken so far but it's slowly and finally winding down. It's been crazy hot. The fires that are still burning will attest to that. But the nights are getting cooler. making it a little easier to sleep. Thank goodness.

Well, as is our Sunday routine, we headed off to our weekend Starbucks for a couple of tall dark roast with a good glook of cream and a couple of sugar. These Sunday mornings are such a great way for me to wrap up my weirdly wired weekends. Working the graveyard shift has some great advantages. And a couple of major drawback.....but I digress.

We kind of picked up where we left off the weekend before last with exploring more of the dead-ends, cul-de-sacs and 'authorized vehicles only' roads we could go down just around here.

This Sunday, while looking for a way to get closer to one of those mobile apiaries, we came across a ton of vehicles at the local production studio just 'over there'. They must have been shooting something big. There were vehicles everywhere and a bunch of their security was milling about. No 'celebrity' sightings but we had more important things to do - get closer to the bees!

Busy as a bee. Yes, I did used the corny cliche.
Waiting in line.
This cut across part of the path system.
Bee Fly-Thru restaurant.
Magnificent trees on one side of the path
(where we could hear an owl hooting)
and future structures on the other.
Dripping pipes were sticking out of the bottom of this in 12'-15' foot intervals.
Weird goopy stuff coating the drainage pipe,
but the dripping water is crystal clear. ???
The path ran along side the piled sand where the pipes were.
And Mother Nature claiming what is rightly hers.
Made me think of deserts and sand dunes.
Getting his honey's worth.
Another bee doing what bees do best  (cropped image).
I think we might have stumbled upon a couple of movie props just before we left the maze of streets and avenues just past the studio. At first I thought it might be one of the many prop cars from "Supernatural" which just happens to be shot in 'that' studio 'over there'. But this was a Lincoln, the other one was a Ford Falcon. Neither of these burned out shells were the Winchester brothers' wheels of choice - a 1967 Impala.
But they could have been stunt double cars from some other TV show or feature film. Who knows?
I suspected they were 'props' and not for-real burnt out cars. Tell me if my logic is right - if they were really burned, wouldn't the tires be melted down to piles of goop and not just flat.
Or maybe they're practice vehicles for the local fire station just 'over there' down the street from 'that' studio.

Burnt out Lincoln. For real of for the movies?

Ford Falcon - what's left of it.

And this concludes another exciting drive In-Our-Backyard. Wonder if we'll get a chance to hit the road again next week. And just how far we get?

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