Friday, September 4, 2015

Standing Tall One Day, Flat on Your Bark the Next!

August 29, 2015. A destructive wind storm blasted through the lower mainland leaving countless homes and businesses without power for up to four days - and some pockets for even longer outages in some areas.

It certainly doesn't compare to the destruction left behind in Stanley park a few years back but for a wind storm this puppy held its own! 

It had people thinking just how 'un'prepared we'll all be when the "Big One" hit.
[Big One =
mega-thrust quake expected to hit the Cascadia Subduction Zone]

Even if you think you are . . . . you won't be!!!

One thing became evident after the wind storm. The power outage brought out the *vehicularly-challenged* IDIOTS who either 1) were too stupid to know what they were supposed to do at an intersection during a power outage or 2) thought themselves about the rules of the road at an intersection during a power outage. Sadly a large portion of lower mainland drivers are a disappointing combination of the two.  Stupid AND Arrogant....imho 

So, we went for our usual Sunday coffee (our Starbucks had power) and then a wee drive down to the lower section of Robert Burnaby Park. We found a downed tree - and it was a big one!

We also came across these weird looking chain-ink things planted throughout the park. Turns out they're "Frisbee Golf" basket targets. From what I read it's an entertaining, challenging and popular sport.

Frisbee Golf Basket Target Gizmo.
Can never resist taking close-ups of things.
The roots were the diameter of young trees.
He's going to kill me for including him in a photo.
But necessary for size comparison.
Look at that root base! This tree was HUGE!
A serene path in the park, slightly strewn with debris.
Not bad enough that you have to watch for toppling trees,
you have to be on the look out for Frisbee Golf playing bears!

So now after having experienced life without power for a few days, I guess if we were smart, we'd all bump 'Get that Earthquake Kit' a little higher up on our "To Do" lists.


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