Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A River Runs Through It

Almost every Sunday we head out to the Starbucks on Marine for our 'Sunday Morning Coffee' routine. To my delight, our last two Sundays have had photo outings tacked on as bonuses. This Sunday we went over on the other side of the Fraser River to have a look at how that half lives.

It is wonderful to see the beauty that surrounds us literally mere minutes away. Literally minutes. I am torn now between 'that' side and 'this' side of the river as my new 'neighbourhood' (once I've made the final decision to leave my beloved 'Denis House' apartment...oh, that and come into gobs of cash!)

So, "The Quay" on *this* side of the Fraser River is heavily built up and has too many high rises for my liking. Don't get me wrong, it's still a gorgeous area down at the bottom of the hill right on the river's edge and I'd move in in the blink of an eye if an affordable place presented itself.

"Queensborough" on *that* side of the Fraser
is connected to the rest of New Westminster by the Queensborough Bridge and has turned into a delightful tree lined community. Houses have a heritage-come-cottage feel to their design and despite being 'row houses' all have individual charm and appeal. Goodness, this is starting to sound like a real estate blurb. Safe to say, it's a gorgeous little community.

So let's have a look at what was on my memory stick this time.......

The way the light is falling on her makes this shot look like an old painting to me.
I love shadow and light. The address over the Starbucks door.
A good place to sit and watch the tugs bustle by.
A friendly four legged resident.
The anti-slip tiles on the ramp down to a boat launch.
He looks a little startled by our company.
Plenty of vegetation to keep the air clean.
Decorative grass. Is it 'Fox Tails'?
Rebar - the newest complex is starting to go in.
One of those bustling tugs.
Another great view from one of the many benches along the walkway.
Walkway detail.
Under the train trestle that passes through the neighbourhood.
The Fraser's famous silt. Looks like a cuppa weak tea. Must be bursting with nutrients - there are trees sprouting from stumps.
Haven't a clue of the name but the lighting gives it an old painting feel.
Another very friendly four legged resident.
Can I have this one please?
'Poplar Island' smack in the middle of *this* side and *that* side.
Another cool vantage point along the walk.
White picket fence nestled in the overgrown shrubbery.
Snow? Nope. Fog maybe? Nope. Aerial view of clouds? It's actually Cottonwood fluff.
I absolutely LOVE the "Arts & Crafts" style of architecture and it sure looks like the Queensborough designers did too!
Why am I picturing Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer and paint brushes?
Calla Lilies? Not 'tack-sharpest' focus but amazing to see them growing in someone's front yard.
Pristine 'back alleys' w/garage access and substantial 'backing-out' space.
Ornamental lawn doo-dad with moving parts.

Orange Tiger Lillies this time in a front yard.
Waiting at a light heading back to apartment life.
The keys to my world.
 I'm looking forward to next Sunday's morning coffee.

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