Monday, June 15, 2015

Annacis Island is a manicured oasis, who'da thunk it

Another early Sunday morning coffee run. Another stellar summer-like day already in full bloom. And a quick 'look-see' at Annacis Island wrapped up a lovely Sunday outing before we headed home

Paraphrasing Wikipedia; Annacis Island is mostly industrial now. Its name comes from "Annance's Island", named for Francois Annance, a Hudson's Bay Company clerk who traveled with Chief Factor James McMillan to found Fort Langley in 1827. Hmmmm, this sounds like a great time to take a trip out to Fort Langley, me thinks!

From what I can figure out, the 'Corporation of Delta and both cities of Richmond and New Westminster seem to all want to lay claim to the island hunkered down in the Fraser River. I guess it depends on what end you're standing at.

I was always under the impression that Annacis Island was a hot steaming pile of industrial discharge or at best looked like the horrid strip of King George Blvd coming off the Pattullo bridge into Surrey. Sorry Surrey, but it's hard to make a good first impression with *that* as the gateway into your sprawling city.

But I digress.....

Annacis Island is downright dignified and pristine and damn it - manicured!
These honking huge factories or warehouses or distribution companies or whatever the heck you call the companies existing there have professional landscapers maintaining their grounds. There are practically topiary hedges lining the streets. We didn't see a speck of trash accumulating along the curbs and their fleets were parked in near-military precision.

It was a little weird to see actually.

There is on top of this manicured beauty, a trail system that runs around some sections of the edge of the island. It hugs the fenced-in properties and it's like a completely different world just a few feet on the other side of the overgrowth. We were on a time restraint so we only followed a small section of the trail.

You want blackberries? The trail was walled in by their ginormous bushes. It was like an explosion. Everywhere you look - blackberry bushes! All in the process of  becoming full-blown berries.
If you want to make jams or preserves or pies or any other blackberry related delicacy - head over to Derwent Way or Clivenden Avenue and follow the trail. You won't miss them.

Let's follow the rabbit deeper into the woods.
Never try to cage nature.
Ooh! Pretty! And then I ate it.
A wooden bridge.
Sun dappled trail.
What's an industrial park without a rogue pallet trying to make its way to a DIY project.
Catching five on the curb.
These monsters are HUGE close up!
It would take a step ladder to get in this baby!
Anybody else thinking of "Maximum Overdrive"?
Worn out but still covering the miles.
Strap it down.
Ready to hit the road.
Ripley takes Sundays off, this is her friend - never been named.
Back home - early morning light through the living room windows.
My little cluster of house plants.

And now I google my driving directions to Fort Langley.

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