Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday's Ladner Market was taken over by Chrome

Last Sunday was hot and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. We headed off to check out Ladner's Sunday Market. When we got there we were a little perturbed at first that the stalls were missing. But soon we were thrilled to find them replaced by endless rows of glistening polished chrome and white walls as far as the eye could see! Chrome and impeccable paint gleaming everywhere.
let's twist again, like we did last summer
There were "American Graffiti" speedsters, Capone era roadsters, 70's muscle cars, a Delorean from 'the Future',  and an enthusiastic singing group belting out 50s chart-topping tunes to the milling crowd of admirers from all walks of life. There were adorable babies and dogs everywhere. Again. a photographer's delight. At least this photographer's. It was a car enthusiasts dream and a photographer's playground. (I couldn't help notice just how many were shooting with Nikons.)

Immaculate paint after all these years
Pristine Packard

Roomy AND gorgeous

This little Boston Terrier enjoyed posing for the camera
Taking in the sights with 'dad'
Stunning British vintage
A couple of beauties saying hello
You can still imagine that 'new car smell' looking at this car
Dirt first, cool cars later
Sleek and luxurious
This was one of the weirdest sights there
Vintage fire truck
Why aren't today's cars this cool?
The good old days, eh?!

Classy detailing
Beautiful ornamentation from a different era

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