Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Canadian River Shoreline Cleanup

Well, I had an interesting Sunday morning. I was asked to go out and take pictures of, well trash. A friend of mine is organizing a local Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on a section of the 'mighty' Fraser river here in New Westminster, BC.

Trash that is ignorantly tossed, strewn, flung and dumped where it most obviously should NOT be. But people do it just the same. Like so many other rivers across this beautiful country of ours, careless, inconsiderate, ignorant people continue to pollute them. After how many years of awareness and education and still there are ignorant jerks who think their actions have no consequences!!! What's it going to take?

All I can say is we are lucky that there are so many energetic volunteers that each year take it upon themselves to clean up their river shorelines all across Canada. The annual event takes place September 17th to 25th.

If you think you'd like to help in the cleanup, why not check out their website and see where you can sign up and lend a hand in saving our shorelines. Go to Great Canadian River Shoreline Cleanup for more details.

* * *

I'm not posting photos of the trash here. I wanted to post shots of 'nice' or interesting things I saw on Sunday instead.

the Fraser River is a very silty river

cut down for pulp and paper?

an early morning glimpse of the river from under an overpass

a higher up view of the river in the morning haze

formerly 'The Pen' now know as "Dublin Castle"

closer to home, a neighbour's calico

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