Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get me to the church on time

I got to break in the new D90 last weekend and shot a wedding for a friend. I've been a guest at a couple of weddings over the years and liked some of the shots I'd taken from that 'angle'. This time I was kinda/sorta the 'hired' photographer. I think I managed to capture a few good memories for the bride and groom. I hope they think the same. If I didn't - I'm sure the hoards of guests that had point-and-shoots and camera-phones did. It was a challenge shooting with the new camera. And as a result, I've set aside time to learn more about white balance (which I *should* already know) and figure out the whole focusing system on the D90.
I'm posting a few of my shots here as a reminder to myself of the day. I don't have any 'model releases' so I posting a few I feel are safe to post publicly.

The wedding dress
Enhancing natural beauty
Last minute touch-ups on the sister-of-the-bride's sari
Details on the brides maid's dress
Reception set up
The bouquet

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