Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow-magedon ended up looking more like a mocha slushie

So the "STORM OF THE CENTURY" hit last night and dumped heaps of very heavy wet snow over night. The city freaked of course and by noon we were wading ankle-deep through brown slush. *sigh* Anticlimactic is an understatement. But I did cuss-out the stupid 'property owners' who didn't shovel their stretches of sidewalk - interestingly the major offenders between work and home were the 'houses of worship' in the area. Sloppy people, sloppy. And for the next Gawd-knows-how-many-days we can all go back to grumbling about all the rain we get out here. And there are buckets on the way. I'm glad I've got my old-lady rubberized winter boots. Fashion be damned. I'm not sitting at work with pruned toes in chilly, wet, soggy footwear in the name of fashion. Anyway, while splashing home in the mocha slushie I took random pictures. Like these...

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