Monday, January 10, 2011

First real outing in 2011: Surrey's Green Timbers Park

Well, it's too late for Happy New Year's wishes and all that seeing as we're nearly three weeks into the new year - and decade. Can you believe it? The new century is already a decade in. Why does time feel like it's speeding up?
The new year came in very low key. Don't know if it's going to get much better, the remaining three hundred and some odd days will tell. Hopefully issues will improve.
Anyway, managed to get out on the 2nd for an hour or so and boy oh boy, what a stunning day it was! Bright sun, a clear, crisp blue sky and a terrific bite in the air that makes you smile and sniffle.
My friend and I took a short drive and we ended up out in Surrey's Green Timbers Park. I'm not sure just how big this little gem of a park is because we took only a short walk around a small loop and called it a day.
If anyone was looking for where all the snow was should trot over to the park. It was like a post card winter wonderland in there. I took some pictures.

The winter storms haven't hit yet - if at all - but hopefully I'll be able to get out again from time to time to take a couple of pictures in and around the lower mainland.
So, welcome 2011, I hope you've brought along a little bit more health, happiness, love and laughter with you than 2010 did.

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