Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random is as random does

Well, not much of a theme to this post. Maybe that's the theme. A few random shots that caught my eye in the last week or so. I *am* going to eventually plan a photography outing to get the rust out of my shooting elbows. There's no excuse for not shooting -even the crappy weather- if you're a photographer, you should be photography-ing. So, I better get it in gear and dust off my equipment. But until I do get out there in all the rain and fog, I'll take random things that catch my eye - like these...
The cats got hand made beds from a great little etsy store called weez wear kitty beds for Xmas. Pixel and Dakota have had 'discussions' about who's turn it is to cuddle down for a cat nap. Pixel usually wins....


The sky was beautiful behind the Lion's Gate bridge as we headed over to North Vancouver.

These bottom two images are of a friend's paper lamp shade taken at two different white balance settings. I thought they make for cool texture photos, dontchoo?

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