Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a sunny Sunday...that means driving practice.

I got the chance to get in some driving practice this morning - highway practice. Not just out to the mall, the coffee shop and home again practice. It was absolutely beautiful out there this morning. Crisp, clear and dry. And there was a strange bright ball in the sky. I looked it up - it's called the SUN.  It's been a 'little' wet around here lately. A random "sun" day is pretty exciting this time of year.

I had no idea where we were going to end up - I was supposed to have decided that before we headed out. Quick thinking and a vague memory made me pick The Reifel Bird Sanctuary out in Ladner. I've been there once before with a photo club and after getting through only a fraction of the sanctuary, I promised myself that I would get back out there somehow - I didn't have access to a car back then. Well, today, I pointed my nose in the general direction of where I wanted to go and stepped on the gas.

I have to pat myself on the back. I got us there in one forward motion - no back tracking or retracing any of our steps - and I got us there in one piece!
However, because this was an opportunity for me to practice my driving, I did not actually spend any time in the sanctuary. I settled for taking a few shots of the ducks stationed just alongside the parking area. We were there just long enough to stretch our legs, we never went inside, then clamoured back into the car and continued my 'driving practice'.

On our way home we got to see Snow Geese, honking happily, as they flew by overhead in 'v' formation. I really wished I could have pulled over to take some pictures of them and the Bald Eagles we saw floating on the thermals looking for prey.

Finding my way home was as important as getting to my destination. I made it back with only one missed exit and in one piece - obviously, I'm making an entry - and now I really want to go back to Reifel and actually go in and stay a lot longer - as soon as I can get my hands on a car.

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