Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One of many downpours to come

I'll need to invest in waders if we're going be going out in the unpredictable weather for the next few months. The winds whipped, skies opened up and no one was spared.

We retraced a few of our tracks to see just how high the water was in the the creeks and streams we'd found on previous Sunday excursions. It was indeed elevated and rushing by at a fair clip!

The season is upon us once again.

Gutter working overtime!

Swollen creek.
Flooded path.
Keep it clear.
Aging bridge railing.
Being replaced on Monday.
Rushing water.
Smoothing out the rocks.
Keeping an eye on the swift current.
My constant companion.

...and now we keep an eye on the weather forecasts to make proper wardrobe decisions.

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