Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas-centric Post

Another Christmas Season has swept through leaving the dazed and confused in its wake. Even I was swept up in the fever for a while before I came to my senses and stepped back and let the craziness pass me by. 
But it came to my attention that we were holding to our quiet seasonal tradition and headed out first thing to find a coffee shop that might be open. If memory serves me, I believe this is the 8th or 9th Christmas that we've done this.
We headed into the brilliantly bright sun to find a McDonald's that was indeed open and shared a pleasant and pleasantly low key Christmas breakfast. He with an English muffin, me with a bagel. And fresh coffee as good as any trendy coffee shop can offer. A few random shots that came out of the madness referred to as the 'Happy Holidays'. 

Handmade ornaments that didn't get sold at a local Christmas Craft Fair.
Still no-takers.
Oh well, they were fun to make. :)
My ever present side-kick keeping an eye on me from behind the monitor.
It really did snow here. Proof. December 17th, 2015.
A true Christmas present. Spotting a patrolling coyote.
Heading home from our peaceful Christmas morning coffee.

Maybe one or two more posts to end up the year then we wipe the slate clean and try it again for another 365 days. To coffee: the fuel that fills this blog.

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