Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Frost and Fog

There's no limit to the beauty right in our back yard! The recent post have been taken (and will continue to be taken) less than a half an hour's drive from our front door - or should I say from our Sunday Starbucks' front door. 
And despite the misconception that the world around us is kind of blah and ugly this time of year - the beauty is there all year round. You just have to find it.

[don't be alarmed by the images spilling over the edge of the column - just giving larger format 'thumbnails' a try on the post page]

my 'studio' blinds at an angle for Pixel to reach the window ledge without destroying said blinds

the roof of the house that my 'studio' window looks out on

there was a crow perched outside our 2nd floor office window the other day

the Starbucks' parking area early on Sunday mornings - with the added bonus of frost and fog

snapped right off like a match stick

back lit by the sun through thick fog

frosty tips trapped in ice

you can't come in and look at all the pretty back there

across the street from all that caged nature


drained of summer's colour against the asphalt

frost covered road that looks like an satellite shot of the amazon or something?

so serene

looking like a cactus

dripping sun warmed frost

foggy reflection

soaring overhead

hidden culvert

stairway to heaven?

weeping with rust

coral reef?

waiting for the sun

what is actually stored in these monsters?

giants marching into view

a murder of crows

could he be the kingpin?

their cyborg soldiers


heavenly beams from above

the engineering brilliance of the Port Mann Bridge

boring shot except for that leaf caught in its decent into winter

almost like a painting

a gathering of trees at the base of the bridge

the Port Mann is massive with concrete of architectural quality. a piece of engineering art

Port Coquitlam Search & Rescue team practicing

the scene was eerily quiet as they zipped about in their mock emergency

to infinity_and beyond

laid to rest at the base of the bridge. there wasn't a shard around, just this bottomless brew

an abandoned spider web looking like a knitting project gone horribly wrong

blue sky and sunlight were fighting for dominance

could be a futuristic aliens attacking earth sci-fi set, yes?

safely across the river and off you go

where does the troll under this bridge live?

maneuvers over, recapping their moves

job well done

blue beginning to seep into the sky

we've seen better days haven't we, lads?

The sun and fog and frost was stunning and I was so very very fortunate to be out in the thick of it shooting like a mad woman. Thank you to my dear coffee buddy for his kind patience and encouragement! See you for coffee.

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