Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 19th and 22nd in one assorted post

[Back-dated entries from November 19th and 22nd, 2015]

First few shots are random image on my work schedule. I leave home in the dark and come home in the dark. We get a 'window' of day for a few hours when I get home. My little buddy Pixel is never too far from my side when I'm home.

November 19th. 
always in earshot, soaking up the afternoon sun while I edit pictures
decided to break a middle-of-the-night stumble with my forearm

supervising my progress - his head is wedged up against the laptop's fan that blasts out very hot air - silly boy
heading home after another thrilling graveyard shift
road work put to bed for the night
my bed awaits beyond that lonely lobby
November 22nd.

And a typical Sunday morning coffee run. Visited a couple of old places but they sure do look different and a new season settles in. Swung by Central Park and the environs hunting down more of our urban creeks.

To start the day, a lovely sunrise was working its way into the sky behind Mount Baker and the Alex Fraser bridge. Shot before my first coffee of the day. Not bad, eh.

A portion of the trip might be called 'my temporary obsession with web-footed birds'.

Mount Baker at sunrise
Alex Fraser bridge at sunrise with gulf islands in the background
and my web-footed-bird obsession takes over
hangin' out with the boys
whatchoo lookin' at?
the obsession continues

he was a very patient subject
a splash of colour
synchronized stink-eyeing
heading out across the pond
the creek
heading off under Kingsway
crystal clear water
caged water
skytrain flies by overhead
old BC rail tracks below the "oh so efficient" elevated skytrain tracks
corporate branding
nestled behind the urban overgrowth
art? graffiti?
a short cut _ you wouldn't catch me down there at night
it has to be said; sky train
facing the north shore with just a dusting of winter on the higher peaks
a parting glance
how do they sleep at night?
heading home
my ever present companion Pixel parked behind my monitor, superving as I sift through photographs searching for those worth posting
 [finally caught up]

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