Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Sunday, another Coffee, another corner of our-own-backyard to discover

We take 'the back way' to get out to our Sunday Starbucks. The road runs through rich tracts of farmland and is flanked by frog and duck filled ditches. The types of houses in the area range in age and size and design making the community very eclectic. Run down dilapidated shacks rub elbows with sprawling 'monster homes'. And accommodate a 'community garden'. I don't know if the area even has a name. I think it might be referred to as "The Flats".

This monster was hanging outside the Starbucks window.
(cropped image)

The community gardens.
Can you hear me now?
Haven't a clue what this is.
Weathered beauty.

Watch that first step.
Probably $775,00 on the Vancouver real estate market.
Kind of expected to see a face looking back at me.
The view from that run down house.
After seeing all that produce growing, I went home and had a tomato sandwich.

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