Saturday, August 15, 2015

In the vicinity of Tillicum Street and Fraser North Way

Another 'in-our-own-backyard' drive. Just 'over-there'. Off Marine Drive where the Canadian Tire is. The things to see in spitting distance from our front door is an eye opener. 

Some pictures of that morning....
Wanna call it drift wood but it's just air aged.
Looks B&W but is a colour shot.
Astonished by the volume of blackberries just waiting to be picked.
I should think about making jam or pies or something.
Vibrant yellow....have NO IDEA what it's called.
(Note to self: get that plant/tree reference book already!)
Now this one I know. Thistle. (Right?)
Back lit. Tall grass of some kind.
(See note to self about reference materials)
I shall call this is a caterpillar condominium.
Bees on duty. Yay bees!!!
Doubt very much I could find this corner on my own again.
Perfectly stacked shipping containers.
Hate to state the obvious....CN train.
My little old lady, Dakota doing what she does best.
19 years old and still going.
Pixel enjoying the box my new Epson printer came in.
Is already nine years old. Where has the time gone?

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