Monday, May 6, 2013

We're going to call it River's Bend Park

My driving buddy Tim recently learned of a newly designated 12-acre park area in Surrey. So with a vague idea of where it was, we hopped in the buggy and headed south - crossed over the Patullo, found the new 'Perimetre Road' (which is beautiful to travel on, by the way) and made it out the park without too much trouble. If you're familiar with it - t's where you line up to take the ferry across to Barnston Island.

NOTE TO SELF: get over to Barnston Island one sunny weekend and see what goes on there - to my knowledge it is all farmland. If I go across, I'll post some shots of what I see.

So this new park runs along "Parsons Channel". The land was bought by the City of Surrey and it includes two "fish-bearing" creeks and has clearings that overlook the river.
It is a key section of the "Experience the Fraser" project and will be part of a thriving park system along the river."

More than 43 per cent of the 550 kilometres of planned trails for "Experience the Fraser" are already open or in use, mostly in existing parks or along dykes.
The ultimate vision is for twin trails - called "The Canyon to Coast Trail" - to run along both sides of the river throughout the Lower Mainland, with these riverside trails running from Hope all the way to the Salish Sea.

a run-down launch
inviting paths run along the river
shadow dappled path
towering cottonwood
looming giants
salmon berries are already starting to ripen
trickling creek
heading back to the car

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