Monday, May 6, 2013

Steveston and my two cats

Most people know I have two cats. A seventeen year old Himalayan cross named Dakota and a *big* six year old ginger named Pixel. They are endless hours of joy and entertainment.  Without further ado, a couple of 'snaps' of  'the kids'......
a macro of Pixel's eyeball
and what I lovingly like to refer to a 'mug shot' of Dakota
oh, and like clock-work, the moon filled up again
yet more neighbourhood feral cats - they're brother and sister

A day in Steveston My buddies and I met at the Nanaimo skytrain station on a brilliantly sunny Saturday, stopped at "Cora's" for breakfast and motored out to Steveston, BC to wander around and enjoy the day. What a great little village Steveston is! I would move there if I had a car.

Steveston is named for Manoah Steves who arrived with his family in the late 1880s from Moncton, NB. Manoah and his family were the first white family to settle in the area. By the 1890s salmon-canning was so much part of the life of Steveston that it was also known as "Salmonopolis"

Japanese Canadians formed a large part of Steveston's population. Their internment during World War II was a serious blow to the community though some of the internees returned when they were allowed and a sizeable Japanese Canadian community still exists.

We browsed and wandered the village. I bought more sweets than I should have. We stopped in at a local bakery for fresh bread and treated ourselves to great local fish 'n' chips at Dave's Fish and Chips, 460 Moncton St. And we had a little bit of an adventure in the compound of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Museum, 12138 4th Ave.
Wandering around I snapped away and captured some of the things we saw while we were there.

a little show called "Once Upon a Time" is currently shot in Steveston
Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold's 'store front'
Steveston is a fishing 'village'
back view of a gulf georgia cannery museum building
silvery driftwood
a humble attempt at beautification
a rogue urchin making a break for it
Saturday morning shopping
nature will take a tenacious hold anywhere
colourful modes of transportation
pretty shaded picket fence
Damien's Belgian Waffles, 3891 Chatham St, Steveston
I mentioned needing a vehicle to move to Steveston . . .
Steveston is a pretty little village considering how popular it is. It has tonnes of things to see which means you just have to keep returning to discover a little more each time you're there. Not to mention there are plenty of dogs to meet too.

double-timing it back up the ramp, passing right by the "no pets on sales dock please" signage.

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