Friday, August 13, 2010

Eatonville, WA's Wildlife Trek Park

Zoos to me are and I think always will be a love/hate issue. I LOVE that I get the opportunity to see wild and/or exotic animals I would NEVER get a chance to see in the wild. On the other hand, some animals in these places eminate such sadness and dispair.
That said, the Wildlife Trek Park in Eatonville, WA was a very enjoyable experience!
The animals roam around free over acres and acres of natural terrain. The only concrete in sight was the path that snaked through their world that our (windowless) tram took over an hour to cover.
The Wildlife Trek Park houses, not exotic animals but North American species we don't think of normally as zoo displays, at least I don't think of them as something to stare in awe of up close and personal. The animals looked content and serene. There were adolescent/juvenile critters lolling about in meadows or camouflages under thick ferns and ground cover.

If you're ever in the Tacoma/Seattle area, try and make a trip a little further south to Eatonville and spend some time with beautiful North American creatures.

baby porcupine testing his balancing abilities.

A wee calf stood just off to the left of this fella's rump.

This was one display I wish wasn't so 'prison-like'.

This trio sat SO STILL everyone who wandered up honestly suspected that they were stuffed. I swear! I saw them weave and blink!

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