Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wow! Are we already chipping away at April? Where the heck did March go? I hardly got a chance to take any pictures.
Well, spring is here - in all its rainy, windy dullness. We are getting the odd fleeting glimpse of sunshine to keep us from giving up the will to live until summer gets here but right now it's dreadful. We were nearly blown away by a nerve wracking wild wind storm just the other day (shades of the storm that changed the face of Stanley Park about four years ago!) And another is on the way supposedly!
Before March closed its doors, the sun managed to shine for us here and there.
There were looming clouds everywhere most of the time but, see look, we do get sunshine out here in the spring.

The front rock wall of a neighbour's house that shows off its purple cascading blanket every year. It slows traffic it's so beautiful.

Looming clouds with the promise of the rain that was to come later that week.

It may only be March but I guess no one told the dandelions.

Or the magnolia.

Oh, and as often I can, I like to throw in a random critter I've had the pleasure of running into or spending time with. Hi Rocky!

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