Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a difference a day makes

So I was gloating just the other day about the amazing weather we'd been having.
Well, I guess mother nature didn't think it was nice to gloat.
It's been blustery and wet and very grey out there for the last few days.

So to distract myself, I've been playing/experimenting with a set of filters I just bought on eBay that enhance the 'macro' setting on my lens. If I had the equivalent of a mortgage payment to by a legit macro lens I would, but until then, I will play with these. They're pretty cool.

I shared them with a friend then dragged her along with me to go shopping for a backpack and cheap socks at Army & Navy Once the pack was acquired and despite the miserable weather we wandered around on the top level of the parkcade that runs behind the store and along the Fraser River. We found an interesting back view of a dilapidated old building to shoot.

They call these the pistils?
(macro test)

The ramp to level B

Train tracks below the parkade

Piles and piles of squished cars!

A patchwork picture

Still standing after all these years
This is two images fused to get the whole building in
maybe I should look into a wide(r) angle lens too....

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